What good qualities do Taiwanese people possess that deserves Godˇ¦s special attention? Think about it.

  Taiwanese in the past were hard-working, flexible and adaptable to the environment. Now we are very pathetic, for we have become afraid of death after we got richer. The better our life gets, the more we are afraid of death; the more we are afraid of death, the higher the possibility that we would do anything to guard our lives and private properties. We enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, but we do not have the qualification for it. Every country in the world welcome us to travel in their countries, but to be more specific, they welcome our money, not us; they detest people from Taiwan.

  People today do not have much respect for our legal system. When things are not going smoothly for some villains, they would fill glass bottles with petroleum and use them to burn up houses, besides the use of firearms. In the society, many poor people are lazy, reluctant to work, while the wealthy and the powerful are arrogant and treating others rudely. Back in the old days, when people met on the street, they would greet each other with friendliness, care for each other with sincerity; but now, it is totally another story. God is aware of the pains and sufferings the islanders born in the past, so He gives the people wealth in return. The mainlanders have suffered a great deal as well, hence God will be giving them their share of comfort and wealth soon. Taiwan should not look down on mainland, for the two are closely linked together ˇV if China is blessed, then Taiwan is blessed, too.  Both sides have their own fortune, though the relationship between them is seemingly getting more and more intense. There is a typical Chinese characteristic that might have contributed to the present cross-strait relation ˇV ˇ§no one would ever bow to anyone elseˇ¨.

There are two reasons why Taiwan and the mainland China still coexist in the world stage today: First, if a war ever broke out across the strait, Taiwanˇ¦s military forces can engage in the fighting for a few months. Second, the mainland wants our capital, our investments; they want more and more Taiwanese businessmen to invest on the mainland, pour money into their market.  Right now, the mainland is going through some big domestic reformation, while Taiwan is also in a transition state.

Only if the two sides can be more patient and tolerant towards each other will there be an opportunity for both to benefit from one other.



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