Reviving the Taiwanese spirit in order to save the Republic of China from falling

  Consider the overall situation Taiwan is placed in, the island must influence the mainland, not the other way around. When Ching armies entered into China to rein, the total number of its soldiers was around twenty thousands, and its total population was only one million. How did they rule the entire China? They practiced :assimilation by the Han,; for Han people are the predominant ethnic group in china. Ching authority understood that their own culture and population can not compete with those of China・s; it did not seem possible for the Ching minority to alter the characteristics of the vast and ancient Chinese civilization.  Therefore, they had to accept and promote the assimilation, while manage to keep some privileges to themselves; they tries not to irritate the majority Han people.

  Ninety years ago, when Dr. Sun Yat-Sen toppled down Ching Dynasty and established the Republic of China, his armed forces were merely numbered thousands. He made good use of opportunities and public opinions, hence gained the public・s full recognition and spiritual support. When the two political parties were fighting, the Communist kept losing in the beginning, but in the end it won the war, communized China, why? It was not because its soldiers outnumbered the Nationalist, but because the public changed sides.

  When KMT, the Nationalist Party, withdrew its troops to Taiwan, they were the minority, just like the Ching bureaucracy and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen・s armies once were, but it was not like them having earned people・s trust and recognition. Why the rich Taiwanese people do not trust their government? Because the government did not communicate with its people in the past. It merely directed people to concentrate on working hard and making a lot of money. Consequently, misunderstanding and distrust linger on between the early comers and later comers. The truth is, early immigrants were from the mainland too, just like those who came later. The only difference is that, the former have been here on the island for seven, eight generations, whereas the later three, four generations. The conflict between them is due to government official・s unjust, unequal treatments to the two, therefore the government failed to earn its people・s respect, trust and confidence.



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