Discover Taiwan¡¦s special qualities and glorify them

  From the ancient time, Chinese people have always seen themselves as the center of the world and believed maintaining the world peace is its responsibility, hence named the country ¡§Chungkuo,¡¨ the center of the world. Today, the relationship between Taiwan and China is quite subtle, every aspect you look, there is a crisis hidden underneath. Many well-respected countries in the world do not have large territories, but they were established after years of pains and sufferings, like Switzerland and Luxemburg. These countries have their own unique qualities, and because of their uniqueness, thus they exist on the world stage. It is like art, a masterpiece must have its own special characteristics, so it can be immortal. If a person does not have his/her own uniqueness, then he/she would have nothing to be remembered of after he/she passed to the other world. Let us discover them and glorify them together.



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