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 Letters to :

        U.S.A President     Bill Clinton

        U.S.A Secretary of State    Madeleine Korbel Albright

        U.S.A Senate Majority Leader    Trent Lott

         U.S.A House Speaker    Denny Hastert

         U.S.A Presidential Candidate     George W. Bush

         U.K. Prime Minister        Tony Blair

         Germany Chancellor      Gerhard Schröder

         French President        Jacques Chirac

         Italian Prime Minister    Massimo D’Alema              

         Australian Prime Minister     John Howard

          New Zealand Prime Minister     Jenny Shipley

          Japanese Prime Minister    Keizo Obuchi

         Indonesian Former President     Habibie

         Indonesian President     Abdurrahman Wahid

         Indonesian Vice President     Megawati Sukarnoputri  

          U.N. Secretary-General    Kofi A. Annan

          U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights   Mary Robinson

          NATO Secretary-General     George Robertson

          The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong    Tung Chee-hwa


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