Let Taiwan Voice Be Heard !

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
November 18, 1999.

Let Taiwan Voice Be Heard !

Under ¡§one country¡¨, Taiwan could never be guaranteed peace, because Beijing continue to reserve the right to use deadly force against its own citizens. And under the ¡§two systems¡¨, Beijing is explicitly trying to limit the spread of freedom in China itself.

If Taiwan wants to preserve its peace, prosperity, and freedom, the best guaranteed is either side of Taiwan Strait step into democracy and freedom society.

Taiwan¡¦s current policy does not preclude eventual unification, but it definitely precludes unification under current circumstances.

If and when Beijing modifies is constitution and legal system reconstructially liberalizes its politics, only then should the people on Taiwan and their elected representatives could discuss potential frameworks for unification.

Taipei has tried to focus the agenda for meetings on functional and practical issue like the security of tourists and businessmen or management of fishing boats. Beijing¡¦s approach has stalled, and will continue to stall with its powerful position to force Taipei accept ¡§one China¡¨ statement. The same attitude acted its work in US-PRC WTO agreement.

In general speaking, democratic countries have few experiences in take with communist China, because the dilemma in Chinese communist could confuse the style of western nations.

Taipei cannot change its real state position to betray Taiwanese people. So, it only ¡§wait¡¨ and asked for support from democratic countries especial on the hope of Japan and United States.

Democratic Taiwan cannot sacrifice over Beijing¡¦s military force and anti-democratic way of terrorism, keep Taiwan on going to real democracy, and educated Taiwanese people democratic lessons, that related with human rights and obeying the law could increased in internal stability and gained the respects from other countries.

Nevertheless, democratic Taiwan could be weakened by democratic system over the defense on military threat from communist China. Beijing only wants to talk with Taipei under the one China precondition. Beijing frequently claims that it must reserve the right to use force against Taiwan in order to protect China¡¦s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Beijing¡¦s current policy does not promote peace, prosperity, and freedom for Taiwan or China. It threatens force and inhibits the rights of Taiwan¡¦s people to effective representation in international society --- even for disaster relief.

Washington¡¦s current policy fails to promote peace, prosperity and freedom on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The adoption of a one China policy that is indistinguishable from Beijing¡¦s had led Washington to implement policies that limit the ability and freedom of Taiwan¡¦s people to contribute to and benefit from international organizations.

In our view, Clinton¡¦s policy may be good for mainland China, but fails to promote peace by appeasing rather than deterring military aggression in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan, an island of hope, is all Chinese people¡¦s wishes. Taiwanese people lived in prosperity, freedom, and democracy. We can criticize our political leaders, believe we want to follow; that whole projects are under people¡¦s surveillance.

Democratic Taiwan is worth supporting.

Sincerely Yours,
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation

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