The Heart-rending History

                     of the Island Formosa


Chinese fights against Chinese, Taiwanese fights against Taiwanese, Chinese fights against Taiwanese, and Taiwanese fights against Chinese! Historically speaking, Taiwan can trace its roots back to China and, it is also Chinaˇ¦s pride. Why cannot the two respect each other and co-exist on the world stage, instead of incessantly arguing over the issue of ˇ§Taiwan Independence,ˇ¨ while Taiwanese do not consider themselves as Chinese and the mainlanders do not care much about what the Taiwanese people want. Taiwanese should love Taiwanese, understand Taiwan, cherish Taiwan and rebuild Taiwanese peopleˇ¦s spirit. With this heart to rebuild and to manage Taiwan, its economy accomplishments and religion tolerance, we shall unite the Chinese nation together.

The Heart-rending History of the Island Formosa