Oct. 3,1998---Trent Lott, Newt Gingrich, Madeleine Kobel Albright

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
October 3, 1998.

Dear Mr. Trent Lott,
   Mr. Newt Gingrich,
   Mrs. Madeleine Korbel Albright,

China's Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan specified October 5 as the date it would sign the UN international covenant on civil and political rights in talks with President Bill Clinton on Tuesday (Sep. 24, 1998) in Washington. Nevertheless; communist China also shows no sign of easing a ban on new political parties and on demonstrations, curbs which violate the covenant. Beijing has in recent weeks temporarily detained many activists who tried to organize the country's first opposition party.

Meanwhile; New York, Sep. 30 -

Four more allies of the ROC --- the commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Christopher, and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Senegal --- voiced their staunch support for the ROC''s bid to rejoin the United Nations.

The U.N. Steering Committee rejected early this month the inclusion into this year's General Assembly agenda. A motion presented by 15 of the ROC's allies urging the U.N. to review its 1971 resolution No. 2758.

This is the sixth consecutive year that the ROC has spearheaded its U.N. campaign through its diplomatic allies. Even though the bid, like previous ones, failed to make the annual General Assembly agenda, the ROC government has vowed to continue its efforts in this regard.

Why ROC must rejoin the United Nations ? Taiwan is a democratic country, owned basic right for people's will that prevent from isolation by Beijing government.

So; we need your support. 



Sincerely Yours,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
President of
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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