Dec. 30,1998---Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Al Gore

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
December 30, 1998.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Tony Blair,
   Mr. President Jacques Chirac,
   Mr. Vice President Al Gore,

Beijing, Dec. 28 ---

Mainland China Monday said it would not accept the results of a referendum in Taiwan to find out what most people on the island want --- a continuation of their present de facto independence or reunification.

"They cannot use any 'referendum' to decide the future of Taiwan", a top mainland negotiator on Taiwan told the official China Daily. "Nor can they separate Taiwan from Chinese territory" Tang Shubei, vice president of Association for Relation Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) said in a front page interview. Mainland China hit out with a strong warning earlier this month after a referendum in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan showed the majority of residents did not favor reunification.

In our view; reunification under democracy of both side is our wishes.

"I think people who stipulate the social system and democratic construction as preconditions for reunification actually wish to delay the reunification process" Tang said.

The trust must be accepted by mainland adopt a democratic system. What's Tang has said "wish to delay the reunification" is wrong. Taiwan people never hate Chinese, but "free way of life" and "control way of monopoly" is very difference between both side.



Sincerely Yours,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
President of
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation


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