March 27,1999---Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
March 27, 1999.

Dear Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton,

"Let's examine one of the main hidden justifications underlying U.S. policy toward mainland China and its communist regime. We'll call it the avoid-China's collapse strategy." Los Angeles Times, Jim Mann reported.

On the other hand; while much smaller than mainland China, has survived and thrived under a democratic government, that is Taiwan's miracle. Taiwan achieved a democratic country after U.S. government switched diplomatic tie with mainland China over past 20 years, the TRA (Taiwan Relation Act) need more effect than before.

Ultimately, the avoid-China's collapse theory seems like a rationalization --- an excuse to justify strong American ties with the communist leadership in Beijing and to avoid policies aimed at encouraging democracy inside mainland China.

In reviewing the past 20 years of the three interwinded Taipei-Washington, Washington-Beijing, and Taipei-Beijing relationship, that Beijing's missile threat and human rights over U.S.'s policy is proved that the worst, indeed.

Noting that Taiwan's political metamorphosis over the past two decades has been profound and serves as an example of peaceful democratic changes in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Stanley O. Roth said the shelter of the TRA, made really each successive U.S. administration's commitment to its provision's helped make this transformation possible.

On the security front, Roth said, U.S. administration have implemented their obligations under the TRA to provide articles and services necessary for Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability.

The reports from Luxon, Egypt ---
U.S. first Lady Hillary Clinton said here on Thursday (March 25, 1999) she was praying for the NATO forces involved in air strikes on Yugoslavia, and hoped for a swift end to the operation, "as my husband the President explained last night to the American people, the United States and its NATO allies have acted to stop the brutal killings of people in Kosovo and avert a broader humanitarian crisis." Clinton said. "We are hoping and praying that the brave men and women in the military action who have undertaken this mission will be able to conduct it safely and will bring it to a swift and end as possible." She told reports. "My prayers and the prayers of peace-loving people arousing the world are with those brave men and women and their families. May God bless them" Clinton said.

Our members and myself with appreciate to your prayers, and so, we hope Taiwan situation can share the peace with United States forever

Taiwan needs your concern.

Yours Sincerely ,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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