March 22,1999---Trent Lott, Denny Hastert

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
March 22, 1999.

Dear Mr. Trent Lott,
        Mr. Denny Hastert,

"Whether we will participate in the Theater Missile Defense (TMD) ultimately depends on actions to be taken by the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said in a policy statement. However, the MAC says Taiwan will not give up the option of joining Theater Missile Defense (TMD) simply because of Chinese opposition. "The mainland opposes our participation in the system to cover up its intention to invade us," it said. "We shall never give up the right to exercise self-defensive acts."

Taipei, March 18 ---
Despite the lack of diplomatic relations between the ROC and the United States, Washington should hold government to government dialogue with Taipei and exchange visits of higher ranking officials, Foreign Minister Jason Hu said. The ROC and the United States have many ideals in common --- they are both peace-loving, have faith in democracy, and advocate a free economic system. Hu noted, adding he is confident that relations between the two countries will become closer in the next 20 years because "we have many identical goals to teach."

Hu also called Washington's attention to the fact that the ROC play a important role in the peace and stability of the region. Taiwan with sufficient defensive weapons will become a reliable deterrent to aggression in the region, thus helping maintain peace and stability, insufficient defensive capability will cause regional instability, he cautioned. Taiwan has become an important trading partner of the United States.

Although mainland China is a big market for American products, Taiwan's imports from the United States are presently 1.5 times higher than mainland China's purchases from America. But Taiwan has enjoyed a favorable trade balance in its trade with the United States, he said, and a continual trade gap in favor of Taiwan will damage bilateral ties, "Taiwan should adopt a healthy and balanced trade policy in ROC-U.S. trade," He said.

Twenty years have passed since the TRA (Taiwan Relations Act) was enacted the ROC has become more democratic and more prosperous in those 20 years, he said, to further strengthen bilateral relations, Washington should change its policy by promoting government to government dialogue with Taipei and allow visits by higher ranking officials each other's country in the 21st century, he stressed.

We are very pleasure to hear that U.S. congressman Tom Campbell Republican from California, has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives declaring that all Chinese people, including the people of Taiwan, deserve to be represented in international institutions.

Noting that such representation "would not affect the international legal status of the people of Taiwan or of China. The resolution says it should be U.S. policy to support the representation of all Chinese people, including the people of Taiwan, in international institutions."

The people of Taiwan have the 14th largest trade economy in the world, the seventh-largest amount of foreign investment in the world, and hold one of largest amounts of foreign exchange reserves in the world, thus, Taiwan needs your support.

Sincerely Yours,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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