April 29,1999---Trent Lott, Denny Hastert, Al Gore

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
April 29, 1999.

Dear Mr. Trent Lott,
   Mr. Denny Hastert,
   Mr. Vice President Al Gore,

In Taiwan; the 22 hunger strikers who camped outside the legislature for the past 11 days called off their fast yesterday (April 21, 1999) even though the legislature failed to pass a plebiscite bill for national self-determination. "Today, in the 11th day of the strike, the strength of many comrades is diminishing. Some had already planned to strike until their death. We fear loss of life if this continues. So we have no option but to conclude the 410 hunger strike." The strikers announced in a proclamation.

Charlie Huang, director of the congressional office for the DPP legislator, Trong Chai, and spokesman for the strike, said the strikes have not ruled out other forms of protests. Other hunger strikes outside of Taipei are still possible. Hunag also said strike organizers would continue to collect signatures in support of a referendum.

From the reports; mainland China's Marxist mandarins fear that erosion of Yugoslav sovereignty in Kosovo shakes brittle political faultiness in places like Tibet, East Turkestan and even Taiwan. Naturally communist China's ongoing efforts in Tibet are well documented; the PRC attempts to eradicate Tibetan culture and crudely change the demography of the mountain land. Likewise in China's vast western Sinkiang region, there are separatist tremors too as Turkic Moslems chafe at the central government's control.

The Republic of China on Taiwan, though not posing any ethnic rift, remains a political thorn in the PRC's side. Beijing has never renounced the use of force to bring Taiwan "back to the motherland." Interestingly during Zhu's American visit he evoked the image of the U.S. civil war and President Abraham Lincoln's decision to use military force against the confederacy as a justification why the PRC will not renounce the use of force over a "separatist" Taiwan. This despite the fact that the Chinese communists have never ruled Taiwan for a single day.

Even a year ago when the Kosovo crisis was building, tepid United Nations security council efforts to stop the crisis were blocked by Beijing even before Moscow came to the aid of its Serbian "little brothers," Yugoslav officials stressed smugly that western efforts to thwart Serbia would be blocked by the "Great Wall of China", that referring to the PRC's security council veto.

In our opinion; Premier Zhu could say anything that related to "human rights, Tibet's affairs, spy suspect, ... " is so much exaggerated by political pot in which against Chinese development. Premier Zhu in a candid interview in Canada's respected Globe & Mail stressed that he fears the precedent set for intervention in Tibet's affairs. He told the Toronto paper "Kosovo question is an ethnic problem which of course is and internal matter ... questions like this exist in many countries. You in Canada have the question of Quebec, the United Kingdom has the northern Ireland question, and for China there is the question of Tibet."

General speaking; Premier Zhu's talks in interview was confusing the "definition of human rights and democratic spirit.'

The reported in April 29, 1999; new evidence of mainland Chinese plans to launch a military attack against Taiwan was revealed yesterday (April 28,1999) as satellite photographs showing a mainland Chinese replica of Taiwan's largest military airport were made public in a local press report. The photos showed an airport in the desert region of the mainland's Gansu province whose size and configuration exactly matched that of Taichung county's Ching Chuankang Air Base, which is Taiwan's largest military airport and serves as a base for most of the country's indigenous defense fighter force.

New York, April 28 ---
Virtually every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal was compromised after a scientist suspected of spying for communist China improperly transferred huge amounts of secret data, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

On above reasons, we found a sign of communist China's policy ... "Say one thing and mean another" that giving Beijing a lot of advantage over strategic partnership.

Yours Sincerely,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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