May 19,1999---Trent Lott, Denny Hastert, Washington Post Editor

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
May 19, 1999.

Dear Mr. Trent Lott,
        Mr. Denny Hastert,
        Washington Post Editor,

NATO's bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade shows that China should hasten the modernization of its armed forces, official media said (May 16, 1999). China needs to hurry up and modernize its weaponry and tactics in order to "assiduously safeguard national sovereignty and dignity," the Communist Party's flagship People's Daily said on the front page. China has opposed the bombing campaign from the start, arguing that it is unlawful intervention in Yugoslavia's domestic affairs. Many feel the NATO bombing augurs ill for China's ability to deal as it sees fit with strife in Tibet and Xinjiang --- territories where it is a cause of repressing non-Chinese native populations --- or reunify with Taiwan, the island it considers a breakaway province to be reunified with by force if necessary.

Since the1991 Gulf war, China has focused on developing pockets of modern military strength. Beijing's policy insists on the "one China" principle, with "one country, two systems", while Taipei's position is that there is currently a divided administration, with democratic reunification as its ultimate goal.

Taiwan President Lee appears to take a tough stand against Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the island, "Taiwan's democracy and its economic achievement were the sole efforts of Taiwanese," Lee writes, "the Chinese communists have made no contributions, and of course have no right to make any claims on Taiwan."

However; Taiwan must play a part of world; professor Vasil Turpurkovski, chairman of Macedonia's Agency for Reconstruction and Development, and architect of the controversial diplomatic alliance between Taiwan and Macedonia, said in an interview that Taiwan could join forces with NATO in a large scale program to help rebuild Macedonia after the war. Turpurkovki said that he had information that NATO was considering some kind of "Marshall plan" for the Balkans to rebuild the area after the war. The Marshall plan refers to a program of massive economic reconstruction of Europe after World War Two. He said the Japan as an industrially developed and rich country would participate and that he was sure Taiwan could participate as well.

But, Beijing?

Taipei May 16 ---
The next President of the Republic of China (ROC) must be one who can usher in a new era based on the doctrine of the "New Taiwanese", said President Lee Teng-hui in his forth coming new book. In which Lee said, refers to people living in Taiwan, no matter their origins, who are concerned about Taiwan, and are willing to struggle for the island. Lee, the first directly elected ROC President, said that U.S. scholar Samuel Huntington has predicted that his legacy of democracy will be valued and maintained by the island long after his retirement.

President Lee was hitting the nail on the head. We are supporting the "New Taiwanese" and enjoying democratic Taiwan. In fact, many of the regions --- such as Tibet, inner Mongolia and Xinjiang --- which Lee urged be given autonomy, have long been autonomous regions. The problem is that the Beijing government since it usurped power in 1949, has never given this districts real authority to govern themselves independently, as called for under the spirit of self-government.

In short, it is unclear what form of relationship or governing system in Lee's autonomy concept, would be maintained between Beijing and his proposed seven autonomous districts.

On the other hand, Taiwan does not like this arrangement because it requires this island to accept communist rule and give up its political sovereignty, including its rights to maintain defense forces and exercise diplomacy.

Taiwan needs your supports.

Yours Sincerely,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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