May 21,1999---Madelein Korbel Albright, Trent Lott, Denny Hastert

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
May 21, 1999.

Dear Mrs. Madeleine Korbel Albright,
        Mr. Trent Lott,
        Mr. Denny Hastert,

The U.S. should pursue a constructive relationship with China while keeping its promise to Taiwan. We believe that the stable relationship with China and the stability of the Taiwan Strait area is within the concerns of Washington, Beijing, and Taipei.

Under protection of United States, Taiwan's future should be solved by China and Taiwan alone. Beijing must ratify and implement the international covenant on political and civil rights, which it signed on October 5, 1998. According to the measure, we insist that Beijing government don't cheat it again.

Clearly, the charges Beijing stole U.S. nuclear secrets and made improper donations to U.S. political campaigns. NATO's mistaken bombing of Beijing's Embassy in Belgrade and ensuing protests that severely damaged the U.S. Embassy in Beijing have further frayed already strained PRC-US relations.

Democratic Representative Tom Lantos said he was "sickened by the cynical hypocrisy" of Beijing using NATO's strike on Beijing's Belgrade Embassy to promote anti-U.S. sentiment. The measure denounces mainland Chinese human rights abuses and expresses sympathy for relatives of the hundreds and possibly thousands killed when communist Chinese forces swept into Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, ending weeks of prodemocracy protests. Beijing government never apologized to their people. But this is the right time to turn up the heat, let the human rights and others infamous issues take a backstage.

We don't believe that the Chinese will alter their long-term objective, which is to engage in international trade and investment and development, just because of this NATO's tragic bombing. The people of Taiwan should be protested under a U.S. regional security umbrella if the island is attacked. It would happen a risk of conflict across the Taiwan Strait, if no U.S. involvement, the growing economic and military strength of Chinese nationalism would play a growing role over crisis of Asia's security.

Yours Sincerely,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation



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