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Democratic nations in the world value their people-to-people diplomacy more than their political diplomacy with other nations, which is also the dominating trend of the democratic era today. Taiwan Tati Cultural And Educational Foundation has been strive for Taiwan's prosperous future by sending letters to political leaders around the world. As these letters are being edited and published to the public today, we hope to rouse up patriotic sentiments in you and to have you participate in the promotion of people-to people diplomatic relation for the sake of Taiwan's welfare. Although they are not written by persons who are very well-versed in English and grammatical errors in them are unavoidable, but the author quotes from major medium reports and real life events; his words certainly have a point.

When newspaper commentaries are being quoted from time to time, it is not aimed to do anything but to open up another path that leads to a brighter future for Taiwanese people. Here the Foundation pledges everyone to make use of every informative medium available to make our voices heard by media and leaders of other countries, hence improve Taiwan's status in the world stage.

Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation President Yang Hsu-Tung

September 1, 1999.


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