--- Milestones in the Career of President Lee Teng-hui
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Milestones in the Career of President Lee Teng-hui       
           --- Digest of “The Road to Democracy” by Lee Teng-hui

Milestones in the career of outgoing President Teng-hui, who resigned as Kuomintang leader in March 24, 2000.

Jan. 1923 --- Born in Taiwan which was then under 50-year Japanese occupation that ended in 1945.

Late 1971 --- Joins the Kuomintang.

Jan. 1988 --- Assumes the KMT chairmanship and the presidency after the death of Chiang Ching-kuo, the son of former leader Chiang Kai-shek.  

Mar. 1989 ---Visits Singapore and becomes the first Taiwan president to make an official overseas trip.

Apr. 1991 --- Ends the state of war with mainland China by terminating the Period of National Mobilization for the Suppression of Communist Rebellion. His first constitutional amendment --- there were four more --- allows for the start of political reforms.

Dec. 1991 --- Holds first democratic elections, for the National Assembly which until 1996 elected the president.

Jun. 1995 --- Engages mainland China by visiting his alma mater Cornell.

Mar. 1996 ---Wins first democratic presidential elections to become the first native-born Taiwanese elected to lead the country.

Jul. 1999 --- Declares relations with mainland China are on a “state-to-state” basis, further infuriating the Chinese leadership.

Mar. 2000 ---Resigns as KMT chairman over election defeat where the party’s candidate, vice president Lien Chan, trailed behind proindependence Chen Shui-bian.


“Taiwan in the Twenty-first Century,” introduces the idea of the “new Taiwanese” that transcends the differences between those whose ancestors were indigenous inhabitants of the island, early immigrants from continental China, or more recent migrants to Taiwan during and after the Communist takeover of the mainland. The new Taiwanese must establish a clear self-identity in order to be the masters of their own destiny.

Taiwan still has a long way to go before it can become a mature liberal democracy and a truly affluent society.

The people of Taiwan are asking themselves, “Where are we headed?” and “What goals do we seek?” It is these questions I wanted to address in this book.


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