--- The Reality of Taiwanese People
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The Reality of Taiwanese People

After success of besieging the KMT’s headquarters throughout 6 days, Soong’s allies has made strategic procedures to the future policy that would tumble to the reality of Taiwanese people.

On contrarily, Soong’s sequence was attacked by following presidential campaign that defeated independent presidential candidate James Soong called for a recount yesterday while touring southern Pingtung to thank voters for their support.

Soong pointed to some tabulations errors and what he called suspiciously high voter turnout in some areas as indications that the election had not been conducted completely fairly.

In response, the Central Elections Committee suggested Soong to take his case to the courtroom within the next 15 days if he was serious about wanting a recount.

A committee official acknowledged that there had been tabulation errors for votes in two southern townships but that the margin had not been large enough to affect the outcome of the election.

Officials said that Soong had the right to question the results, but that he should appeal to a judge rather than to the Central Election Committee.

In related news, the Central Election Committee yesterday announced the official results of Saturday’s voting and declared the Democratic Progressive Party’s Chen Shui-bian and Annette Lu as the winners.


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