April 1, 2000 --- Over 1,200,000 Tibetans Have Died
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Over 1,200,000 Tibetans Have Died

April 1, 2000 ---
We hope the condemning is a powerful for Tibet to achieve a newly future, the reports from Paris that …

Condemning what he termed communist China’s cultural genocide of Tibet, France’s newly appointed Education Minister Jack Lang called for all French town halls to commemorate the remote Himalayan area’s fight for freedom in a column written for the daily Le Figaro yesterday.

“We must all remember what happened in the month of March 1959 on the ‘Roof of the World,’ those days when the powerful mainland Chinese army began a bloodthirsty crackdown on the Tibetan people’s desire for independence,” Lang wrote.

A total of 87,000 Tibetans were massacred and several thousand taken prisoner in a three-day rising from March 10 to 12, 1959, against communist China’s occupation of the region ten years previously, Lang wrote.

Since then, he said, Beijing has been able to carry out with impunity a “cultural, linguistic and religious genocide” of the region.

“The mainland Chinese authorities organized a programmed disappearance of Tibet. In 40 years of occupation, over 1,200,000 Tibetans have died,” Lang added.

Appointed as France’s new education minister on Monday, the former culture minister under President Francois Mitterand called on town halls across the nation to “hoist the colors of the Tibetan flag” every March “so that we are not the silent witnesses of the annihilation of the Tibetan people.”


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