April 4, 2000 --- Not A Precondition for Talk …
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Not A Precondition for Talk …

April 4, 2000 ---
“one China, each side its own interpretation” formula was coined by Wang Daohan, chairman of Beijing’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, in 1992’s ground breaking cross-strait talks. But the Kuomintang government has since accused Beijing of junking the accord and insisting on its own definition of “one China”, under which Taipei is a regional government. 

The Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) yesterday (April 3, 2000) welcomed reports of conciliatory gestures from Beijing and said president-elect Chen Shui-bian may accept one China, each side its own interpretation as the basis for cross-strait talks.

DPP said ---
But one China is a topic for discussion, not a precondition for talk … 

We don’t rule out the “one China” principle … but first we must get a clearer understanding of its implications.


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