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  Please permit me to recommend this piece of essay. The author Wang Xizhe who is one of the four chairman of CDP, was in communist prison for 15 years for Chinese democracy cause. After read this piece of essay, you could understand what appearance that Chinese democrats have.

  --Wang Xi Zhe;s speech at the hearing on China Issue held by the Human Rights Committee of the UN--


  CHINESEBOY55 2000年3月29日來函,以英文稿如是說,我把它翻譯成中文,再與原文配對,大家可以一目瞭然,它的動機是要告訴聯合國人權委員會,這批中國海外流亡學生追逐“自由的大夢”。

The Dream of Freedom

March 29, 2000

  大意是這樣:我 Wang Xi Zhe's 汪希哲代表中國民主黨,我是中國民主黨四位主席之一,其他三人為 Xu Wen Li, Qin Yong Min and Wang You Cai,被關在中國大陸的牢房中,等候我這一刻的演說。

Ladies and Gentleman,

  Thanks to Ms. Lisa and the Ambassador Palmer, I can come to this forum to speak on behalf of Chinese Democratic Party.

  I am one of the four chairmen of CDP. The other three, Xu Wen Li, Qin Yong Min and Wang You Cai are looking at us expectingly from the deep darkness of Chinese Communism prisons. 


  Everyone knows that, a great historic event occurred in Taiwan recently: the opposition party, Democracy Progress Party, has won the presidency election after over 20 years struggle. This is the first time in history in a Chinese society that the power of ruling was changed peacefully.

  中國民主黨於 1998 年創立,當時中國政府已簽訂兩個國際人權同意文,同時在柯林頓訪問中國時,中國民主黨積極支持自由經濟市場機制,與多政黨的公平競爭,亦即在中共所簽署的人權公約中,所強調反對社會資源不公與貪污腐敗,在開放、合法、合理、非暴力之下施行公義。

  CDP announced its founding openly in the June of 1998, when Chinese government signed on the two UN Human Rights Agreement, when President Clinton visited China. CDP aims at a free market economy; equal competition between parties. It is against social injustice and corruption. It believes in: "openness, legality, rationality and non-violence". It is totally in agreement with the human rights agreements by UN.


  At that time, CDP was still too trusting to CCP government: although CCP government has never been serious about its own promises to Chinese people, it has been rather serious about its promises to the international society. Therefore, CDP concluded that its organization was safe since it came into being based on UN's human rights agreements which CCP government had just signed. Yet, on November 30, 1998, CCP government arrested the three most outstanding leaders: Xu Wen Li, Qin Yong Min and Wang You Cai (showing photos). Xu was sentenced in jail for 13 years; Qin was 12 years; Wang was 11 years.

  他們的被補,很快的引起海外中國民主黨與國際團體的抗議,我們在中國依法 發展民主政黨的美夢終於落空。於零下 20 度 C ,我們在聯合國大廈與紐約地區靜坐絕食,希望引起各界注意,可是遺憾的很,這種抗議活動,並未引起多少同情。

  Their arrests caused immediate protests by Overseas Chinese pro-democracy organizations and the international society. I went on hunger strike with a few others at the gate of UN building in NYC in the coldness of 20+ Centigrade below zero for 7 days and 7 nights. Regrettably, due to the problems in overseas Chinese pro-democracy organizations, this protest didn't get the expected success.


  In May and June of 1999, more CDP leaders were arrested, they are Zha Jian Guo, Gao Hong Ming, Liu Shi Zun, Wu Yi Long, Zhu Yu Fu, Zhu Zheng Ming, Liu Xian Bin, Wang Wen Jiang, Wang Ze Chen, and more. They were all sentenced severely. CDP leaders are almost all in the prisons now.

  但是,推動中國民主的腳步並未停止,開始印刷地下刊物,以宣揚民主與人權為目的,支援與補償受難者家屬的痛苦,並以潛移默化的方式往下紮根,深入基層。在新的紀元,中國民主黨將系統性推展民主理念,以解決中國當今所遇到的難題 ,有關英文稿部份由 Dr. Du Zhi Fu 責付完成。

  Yet, CDP is not destroyed. They are still managing to develop their organization stably, still publish their underground journals, hold seminars on democracy and human rights, comfort and compensate the families of the suffering, dive down to the grass root to let known their beliefs. On the eve of the new millennium, they bravely published their Announcement of CDP in Greeting the New Century. In this Announcement, CDP systematically puts forward their opinions and policies in solving the problems in China. Here's China Affairs which has published the English translation done by Dr. Du Zhi Fu.


  We appeal to all the nations and peoples for your support to the suppressed CDP; We appeal to you for your support to all the dissidents, religious people, and work unions. (Mr. Hu An Ning is going to introduce about them.)


  We appeal to the Human Rights Committee of UN to pass the motion to condemn the human rights conditions in China. The pressure from international society is the main push toward CCP government for a real political reform. UN should supervise CCP to practice what they have agreed upon the two UN human rights agreements, and release all the political prisoners.

  如果中共因為來自國際的壓力,可以逐步展開人權公約的改革,就是對人類最 大的貢獻。

  If the pressure from international society can push CCP pay real heed to human rights, this will be the biggest contribution we made to world peace and to the human beings.

  Dr. Martin Luther King 說他有一個夢想,就是希望人類可以不分種族,和平共存。

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Martin Luther King said, he has a dream, a dream that all races, all peoples can live peacefully together.

  今天,我們中國民主黨亦有一個夢, 13 億中國人,能擁有人權、自由與民主,就正如台灣人民與民主國家今日所享有的權利,如此一來,中國能浸淫在無戰爭的生活中,不恐懼,今天我們站在聯合國的地方,發誓要實現這個夢想。(誌於 2000年3月29日,於日內瓦世界人權委員會)

   Today, we also have a dream, a dream that 1,300,000,000 Chinese people can enjoy all the human rights and freedom and democracy, just like Taiwan people today and many other democratic nations, that Chinese people can enjoy a life without war, without oppression, without fear. This is United Nations, we are standing here today to swear that we are going to make this dream come true.

  March 29, 2000,

  At the auditorium of Human Rights Committee of UN, Geneva.