Jan 6,1999---Jacques Chirac, Massimo D'Alema

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Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation
B16F, No.3 Ta-Tun 2St.
Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
January 6, 1999.

Dear Mr. President Jacques Chirac,
        Mr. Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema,

It is a good ideal that prominent Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng described Taiwan people have led a comfortable life and have believed that they are only temporarily safe, they have been accommodating to the mainland. This mentality as similar to that of the people of the Southern Sung dynasty (1127-1279) after Emperor Kao Tsung withdrew to the south of the Yangtze River in the face of threats from the Mongolian people.

Wei said the perceptions of people on the mainland may not be correct, but he said that Taiwanese people should reconsider the issue.

In our view; only with a quality democracy, a mature economy and a willingness to care for all members of society can the "Taiwan Experience" ---- which is also China's future path.

To establish a democratic body with a sense of morality, vice President Lien said "We need to strengthen the sunshine (disclosure) act to create transparent and open policy. We also need to improve the current election system to prevent the mob from using election to legalize their illegal business".

Lien said misfortune and disadvantaged people exist in every society, "care from each individual is the best way to make up for misfortune and warmest way to achieve social justice".

On the other hand; a report from Vatican city ---
A mainland Chinese Roman Catholic priest who was arrested in November has been subjected to "sexual torture" by prostitutes.

However; please help mainland China step up to democratic road.

Sincerely Yours,
Yang Hsu-Tung.
Taiwan Tati Cultural
And Educational Foundation


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