--- Taiwan's Army System Is Educated by Warlord's Thought?
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Taiwan’s Army System Is Educated by Warlord’s Thought ?

Democratic Taiwan had achieved a stage of “new era of political reformation”. Contrary to this condition, Taiwan’s army system is educated by warlord’s thought.  

To say it more explicit, the principle of army, should protect Taiwanese people and island with faithfully, that sacrifice in urgently need.

On the other hand, army’s “neutrality” and “Taiwan first” must be educated after Taiwan presidential election.

Taiwan nationalism and the democratic strivings personified by the newly elected Chen are beyond Beijing’s comprehension. Beijing’s insistence that all discussion of Taiwan’s future begin with the universal acceptance of the principle of “one China” is obviously incompatible with Taiwanese nationalism. Taiwan army’s thought, anti-independence and anti-Chen’s pro-independence, would warm-up the opponent tension between native Taiwanese and mainlander’s soldiers.


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