March 29, 2000 ---
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March 29, 2000 ---
Ministry of National Defense spokesman Maj. Gen. Kung Fanding yesterday denied recent rumors that the military is unhappy over the prospect of hanging president-elect Chen Shui-bian’s portrait in the halls of its various headquarters. 

Earlier reports had suggested that Kuomintang-leaning generals and admirals were upset over the fact that they are legally required to display the portrait of the incoming president alongside those of the ROC founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen and former presidents Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo.

The reports had said the top brass, many of whom are allegedly wary of Chen and his nominally pro-independence party, were even more worried over the fact that they would be compelled to bow down before the portrait during official military ceremonies.

The military commanders were even considering seeking a change in the law requiring the portrait’s display, according to one press account.

However, Kung told the press that the armed forces still hold true to its values of total obedience to the country’s leader, and that all ranks had no intention of seeking a change in the traditions surrounding the presidential portrait regardless of who holds the office.


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