April 4, 2000 ---
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April 4, 2000 ---
Taiwan’s democracy is world’s will, despite it would face a strong challenge from Beijing’s hegemony.

Taiwan has gradually transformed into a democracy, said a U.S. academician at a seminar held here.

Speaking at a symposium which was jointly sponsored by a ROC-founded academic foundation and New York University, Robert Scalapino, an honorary professor of the University of California at Berkeley, said Taiwan has gradually transformed into a full democracy from an authoritarian regime. He noted that late President Chiang Ching-kuo made a tremendous contribution in that peaceful in that peaceful process.

Point out that Taiwan’s democracy may still face a strong challenge from dictatorship, he suggested that president-elect Chen Shui-bian join forces with all of Taiwan’s political camps to reduce political tensions on the island and open political talks with mainland China to improve bilateral ties.

Although Taiwan’s political culture is characterized by political localization, the identification of the so-called “new Taiwanese” concept, an aspiration for a civilian leadership, and political uncertainties in cross-Taiwan Strait relations, Scalapino stressed that Taiwan’s leadership must pay heed to the people’s desire that Taiwan maintain the current status-quo with mainland China.

Answering questions from the audience, Scalapino expressed his belief that the United States should continue sticking to its “one China” policy while abiding by Taiwan Relations Act. He claimed that the United States must engaged in dealings with mainland China, a superpower in the Western Pacific, in order to maintain peace there.

The seminar, which was attended by more than 50 political and economic experts from the United States and Asia, will run through Sunday. Charles Teng, representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, also took part in the gathering.

He who has mercy on the cruel will in the end behave cruelly to the merciful.

                                              --- by Simeon Ben Lakish

The most part of countries in our world that selling the soul to the evil because of big deal of business in which of such --- weapons are the best goods always.

Taiwan respects human rights and following the road of democracy that is world’s morality definitely need. We believed this kind of morality will conquer war even as it has conquered human sacrifice, slavery, feuds, head-bunting, and cannibalism. However, Taiwan is a hope island of China mainland.


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