--- Taiwan Can't Go Back Any More
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Taiwan Can’t Go Back Any More

If European and other democracies still can see it Beijing’s way after the old communist Chinese politburo gave it all away, that is to say, made clear that in a world of “new sovereignty” where international relations is increasingly about human rights, democracy and free trade, their concern is the negation of those.

The history of the People’s Liberation Army is one of disguise and deception, what we know is that Beijing is obsessed with Taiwan issue. The obsession is not fading with the aging of the old politburo leaders, nor yet with the growing evidence of Taiwan democratic enthusiasm --- a stunning 88 percent of the population turned out to vote.

So, there is good reason to concern about Taiwan’s democratic future.

From the review of PLA history, there are something to tell us in 1968, Mao Zedong infiltrated PLA ranks with party members, be sent the PLA into the schools to disarm and re-educate warning factions of the Red Guards.

1989, Deng Xiaoping ordered the military into Tiananmen square to crush a student and worker protest --- a move that resulted in the deaths of thousands.

The PLA overseas a defense budget of about $40 – 70 billion, which includes a stockpile of nuclear warheads chemical, and biological weapons, and ballistic and cruise missiles since mid-1980s.

In the 1990s China was involved in a number of skirmishes over its claims in the South China Sea and Senkaku Islands.

In 1996, China test-fired missiles into two of Taiwan’s busiest ports during the closing days of the island’s first presidential election.

China also has provided equipment materials, and technology for Iran’s chemical warfare, and ballistic missile programs, analysts say such sales provide a major source of revenue for China’s defense budget, which has been increased bargains with USSA’s military deal.

Taiwan isn’t “going back” there is almost no one on this island anymore who wants that. If big democratic countries, don’t get something for Taiwan condition, which getting clearer threat from the mainland, who could fighting for mandate of human rights?   


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