April 9, 2000 --- Beijing's Warning Again
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Beijing’s Warning Again

April 9, 2000 ---
A report in Friday’s Washington Post quoted Beijing officials as telling White House National Security Adviser Sandy Borger that if President-elect Chen Shui-bian does not affirm the “one China” principle in his inaugural address, it will further freeze cross-strait dialogue. 

“The cure for anxiety about the future is not nostalgia for the past,” Mordecai Kaplan said.

On the other hand, if Taiwanese people want to cure anxiety about the future, democratic Taiwan must go ahead. Many Taiwanese people told me: “China communist would kill me, first” “Why?” I asked. “… Because I supported Taiwan independence, and spreading this idea to many people included mainlanders and native Taiwanese,” he answered.

In our views,
A.  If Taiwanese people were defeated by “one China”, it would be a peaceful future anyway?

B.  If Taiwanese people against the “reunification” that Taiwanese people would survive for preventing from “massacre”?

C.  If Taiwan lose of the power of military force, that so call “negotiation” would work for effect?

D.  If Taiwan mainlanders’ army don’t want to fight for independent, that native Taiwanese would maintaining military force in Taiwan as usually?

On above reasons, New President Chen should be careful to handle the ruder of island.

“Riches bring anxiety; wisdom brings peace of mind,” Solomon Ibn Gabirol said that.

But how to do like that?


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