For Taiwan V
VOL. V ( January 4, 2000 )

--- Taiwanese people
                      are masters of their fates

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Essence of the Ritual Assembly--The Heavenly Duty of People in Taiwan
Shakespeare said, "Men, at sometime, are masters of their fates."
We have to prepare for the loss of peace and determined to keep peace
Taiwan --- hypochondriac nation?
Taiwan voice
Under the pressure from Beijing, Taiwan insisted toward democracy
Nightmare over both sides
Stay at 15th and 16th centuries
Power marks it differences
More weapons for protecting the human rights
Taiwan has a horror of something
United States' policy needs consideration
Only for better democracy
Find out space for survival and growth
The Responsibility of Democratic Taiwan --- Discussion on Political and Psychology's Point of View
Comments on contemporary psychiatry
Other means experimented to heal mental illnesses
Psychoanalysis' breaking-through
Psychological changes of a newborn until he becomes a toddler are resulted from family influences
The magical effects of psychological self-defensive modulations
Explore Taiwanese society's sorrowful mentality
Taiwan's compulsory education places its emphasis on higher education, while sacrifices younger generation's moral education and development
Only righteous religions can truly save Taiwan
Spiritual education must begin with pre-school education
Reestablishing Taiwanese people's confidence is utterly important
Putting our hopes on the establishment of religious education in Taiwan