The Heart-rending History of the Island Formosa
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Taiwan's four hundred years of history was written in blood and tears
Southern China immigrants from Chang, Chuan and Hakka, had first contacts with the indigenous people on the island
Powerful nations and pirate immigrants were the new bloods in Taiwan
The birth of Cheng Chen-Kung changed Taiwan's fate
The recovery of Taiwan opened a wider door for the islanders
The fall of Cheng Chen-Kung's rule
The backbones of the island
The island during the Ching Dynasty
The era of combat and survival of the fittest
The Japanese invasion and the French-Chinese War invigorated the island's development in Ching Dynasty
Democratic Taiwan, an orphan in Asia
Folk resistance against Japanese troops
Law-abiding Civilians under the Japanese rein
Make up to the indigenous people
Improper management of KMT's advance detachment led to The February 28 Incident
Originally there was no conflict between people from different provinces, but suppression of the island's culture caused a big gap between them
Indulging in the safest, the most fortunate moment in Chinese history
Debating on "unification or independence" is meaningless; the prior condition for the welfare of civilians on both sides is peace crossing the Taiwan Strait
What good qualities do Taiwanese people possess that deserves God's special attention? Think about it.
Hybridization between different blood lineages
Chinese nation's blood lineages merge in Taiwan
Chinese people's future holds in Pon-Lai Deities' Island, Taiwan
February 28 Incident caused a great wound to Taiwan
God vitalizes Taiwan incessantly
The adventurous Taiwanese
The love for worshipping is a Taiwanese characteristic
Deviated government policies cost Taiwan's cultural development
What are our special qualities?
Reviving the Taiwanese spirit in order to save the Republic of China from falling
God's messenger garrisons Taiwan, hopes everyone can be prepared for possible future perils while enjoying peace
As a close family, we can complete our "heavenly-duty"
Discover Taiwan's special qualities and glorify them
The hope of the Chinese nation - Taiwan